Vienna Engineers

Board Members:

Angerbauer Christian, Benz Gerald, Draxler Susanne und Pfeifer Robert

Team of  Experts


Susanne Draxler

Managing director of TRIGONplan Planungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft for landscape ecology and technical environmental protection and TRIGONchem technical office for technical chemistry


Gerald Benz

Managing director of TRIGONplan Planungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft GmbH


Robert Pfeifer

Managing director of en2-Consulting e.U., Vice president of VIENNA ENGINEERS

Robert Pfeifer supports his clients in achieving the efficient and sustainable use of resources.
The main focuses of his activities are, therefore, on improving energy efficiency and in promoting greater use of renewable energy resources. Robert Pfeifer is a generelly sworn and certified expert at Austrian courts.

Christian Angerbauer

Owner of ACECon e.U.


ACECon is your competent companion for all questions regarding

increasing the efficiency of the resource and energy use of your company! You can rely on our know-how and use our experience from more than 20 years of successfully accompanying organizations of various sizes and industries



Our Team to Benefit Your Project

  • We want to  contribute considerably to a sustainable development.
  • Our effort is to design and project buildings, constructions, plants and facilities with optimised life cycle costs, innovative solutions  and excellent design.
  • Our buildings and technical solutions support the core processes of their users and beneficiaries.
  • We aim at the balance of aesthetics, function and technology and at reducing environmental impact.
  • We design safe plants, installations and healthy buildings.
  • Therefore we are not only working for the very best technical solution but also make the most of social, environmental and economical tasks.
  • We are working together with great trust in one another and towards our customers.




Austrian Association of Consulting Engineers (FG Ingenieurbüros der WKO)

The Austrian Association of Consulting Engineers is a legally established body of independent consulting engineers who offer their services in every field of technology and natural science. The association represents the professional and business interests of its members.

ÖGNI – Austrian Sustainable Building Council (Österreichische Gesellschaft für nachhaltige Immobilienwirtschaft)

ÖGNI is the engine of sustainable construction and real estate industry and embossed in the Austria paradigm shift towards sustainability.

The club creates a framework for a substantive establishment of the idea of sustainability for all stakeholders in the construction and real estate industry in Austria.

Severeal members of Vienna Engineers are certified auditors for ÖGNI / DGNB.

Vienna Engineers also has a lot of affiliates available to cover even large projects with a wide range of themes and specialist areas


  • engineers

  • architects

  • commercial and financing experts

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