VIENNA ENGINEERS - Clustered Competencies

Vienna Engineers is an association of engineering offices with long-standing experience in a broad spectrum of manifold fields.

Hence Vienna Engineers is in a position to form a team of experts in exact accordance with your assignment of tasks.

Vienna Engineers was founded in 2013 by several owners of Viennese engineering offices. Each of these owners and their engineering offices gained large experience in their specific fields as well as long lasting experience in operating their own companies, even of international quality. The consortium of Vienna Engineers was therefore founded to collectively offer its wide expertise to  European and international markets.

Few months after founding the first contracts and international tender procedures have already been won and also the number of members has increased.

Vienna Engineers are acting on the basis of their broad expertise in almost all technical specialist areas and are equipped with professional privileges and licenses: Environmental engineering, electrical engineering, communications engineering, mechanical engineering, construction engineering, building physics, structural engineering, architecture, interior design, facilities engineering, building services, assessors and auditors for sustainable buildings.

Vienna engineers is a registered society and all members are registered at the commercial court of Vienna.